Attracting Talent in Today’s Social World

Bersin & Associates research demonstrates that the inability to attract and retain top talent is top of mind for HR professionals.  The issues are many: students leave school poorly prepared, companies need  very specific skills, often at very high levels, and a younger generation of workers is entering the workforce with an increased focus on work-life balance – and  very “socially” attuned approaches to work.

Pressure on recruiters is growing as they confront the new realities of this diverse candidate pool.  At IMPACT this year, we are pleased to have three top recruiters on a panel to discuss how they use social media in branding and candidate attraction and communication—and how they can cut their recruiting budgets through the use of social media.

Join us at IMPACT on April 12 for “New Directions in Talent Acquisition: Technologies and Best Practices” with noted recruiter stars Amelia Merrill, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, at RMS; L.J. Brock, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition & Infrastructure at Red Hat; and Will Staney, Director of Recruiting, for Strategic Programs at SuccessFactors.

Among the topics this lively panel will discuss are the use of social media as a distribution channel for sharing jobs openings and its use as a vehicle for creating and developing relationships with both active job seekers and passive candidates. 

The panel is April 12, Thursday 1:30-2:45 at Bersin’s IMPACT Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Don’t miss it!

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