can a disorganized person become organized?

A reader writes:

Can an innately disorganized person become organized? I’ve read some articles that claim that disorganized people shouldn’t try to get organized because it takes up too much time and energy away from their core work. I am a naturally disorganized person but I do really want to be organized. I do a pretty good job of keeping organized electronically with files on our network drives and things like that. Also, my thoughts and approaches to projects and problems are organized and methodical. It’s just that I can never seem to get my desk organized. And I do find that getting myself organized takes me a long time. Once I get a system in place, it gradually falls apart.

What are some ways I can stay organized? And are there any “reformed” people out there who used to be like me but are now organized? If so, what did they do?

You can find my answer to this question — and answers from three other career experts as well — over at the Fast Track by Intuit QuickBase today.

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