CAPITALIST PODCAST: The Unionization of College Athletics?

Podcast time folks - Some smart kids at Northwestern are making a run at unionizing college athletics, and I had Seth Borden, Partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP in NYC, join me on The CYA Report (my podcast over at Fistful of Talent), to break down all the union organizing/NLRB issues involved.  Takes me back to my roots as an HR leader helping companies remain union free.

Here's a tidbit from my brain and the podcast.  You college football kids want a union and want to be employees?  Interesting - get ready to pay taxes on the value of your scholarship at Northwestern, which is about 60K per year. Riiiiight.

See the player below - push play on your drive home or during a run to soak up the goodness.

Host: Kris Dunn

Producer: Cara Lucas & Julia Lindsey

Music:  Witchcraft – It’s Not Because Of You 

Can’t see the player below? Click here to listen now

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