Corporate Culture Is the Opiate of the Masses….

Yeah, I said it.

Corporate Culture Is the Opiate of the Masses.  Here's what I mean...

There are a few places where the corporate culture is truly defined and it's a net positive to the business. Foosball-

But that's it.  For the rest of us, talking about culture is an opiate for multiple people, including:

-Leaders - that talk about culture because Inc. Magazine told them it's important... 

-HR Pros - because we're trained we're supposed to talk about it, but even if we have ideas on how to establish and nuture it, too much is outside of our control...

-Employees and Candidates - Like Poison, they desperately want someone to give them something to believe in, to the point where they'll except whatever culture vibe you're putting out.  Beats seeing the underbelly and understanding how ugly the business world is, right?

It doesn't mean there isn't hope.  In my experience, there's only one role in your organization that can establish and nurture culture - your individual managers of people.  There the ones that can make the difference, and it's usually got nothing to do with weak attempts at saying your company's culture is this or that.

The best managers establish cultures of their own within the team.  And trying to get as many managers who understand what they're doing with people and even training them a bit to nourish them is the best culture your company can have.

Or foosball.  Foosball looks great on the website if you've got to fake it.





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