Culture: Nature or Nurture

It’s funny how topics come up in discussion in several venues over a short period of time. As you have read in a past blog post, I was at the Halogen’s user’s conference a couple of weeks ago, where I was on a blogger’s panel. We discussed the topic of culture and how you can leverage culture to your benefit as a company in the recruiting and retention areas.

I also had the privilege to teach the PHR/SPHR preparation class and the question about measuring culture arose in a discussion.
Lastly, I was presenting to a group last week on how to create a “High Performing Organization” and of course culture came up in that discussion.
I guess the most common theme was the idea of culture creation. More specifically, “Are cultures created or do they just happen?
In each venue we discussed companies that had a very strong well known culture. The following companies were mentioned:
1) Nordstrom
2) Publix
3) Ritz Carlton

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