do sales jobs follow different hiring rules from other jobs?

This question came up in the comments on a recent post: Is sales really an exception to the “don’t call to follow up” rule?

I’ve written numerous times about how — in most industries — you shouldn’t call to follow up on your job application, because it’s annoying and won’t help your chances … and that more broadly, job seekers need to get rid of the idea that they’re supposed to demonstrate “persistence” or “tenacity” in the job search. Usually, though, I mention that the sales industry is an exception to that rule. (Retail and food service often are too.)

However, a commenter recently asked whether sales really is an exception to this rule, and I realized that I’m skeptical that it truly is. I started adding it because people kept telling me that sales is an exception, but never having worked in sales, I have no first-hand experience to say for sure … and frankly, it sounds implausible to me that sales managers would respond to pushiness any more than any other hiring manager would.

So: People who know, is sales really an exception to the “don’t call to follow up or otherwise be pushy or aggressive in job hunting” rule or is that a myth?

And for everyone else: Here’s your periodic reminder that hiring managers in most industries are not looking for persistence — you cannot make them contact you by repeatedly calling or emailing them, and you’ll annoy them by making repeated overtures without an expression of interest in return.

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