Everyone’s Dream Job: Interesting Work with the Illusion of Purity….

When it comes to dream jobs, just ask people what their dream job would be and you'll hear some interesting things.

I was a part of a small group function over the weekend, when the host asked the proverbial Dream-job question: "What would your dream job be?  If you didn't have to worry about money, etc.?"

The answers were interesting.  Most of the answers came in one of two forms:

1. A completely different job than the one they had (lots of people wanted to work with animals.. They're cuddly!!!)..

2. What they currently do for a living in different circumstances...

While the specific answers on what their specific dream job was were all different, they all had the following in common related to "different circumstances":

(and I'm paraphrasing..) "I wish I could do a job that had more purity in purpose, and had none of the political and red-tape BS I currently have to deal with.

Everyone wanted work that had purpose and some form of occupational purity without organizational BS.  In an interesting twist, most of the dream jobs also had no form of positional authority, which speaks to the fact they were looking to do something "pure"...

I'm guessing from my observations that you probably would feel the same way. Which begs the following question - Why don't you make sure you find a avenue to do at least a little of that (purity in what you do, low BS) in your current job?  

It's easier to find a bit of that in your current job than finding a completely new gig.

You can do that - but only if you stop bitching and put down the cynicism for a few minutes.  

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