everything you need to know about snow days at work

featured-on-usnWith the snow storm that hit much of the eastern part of the U.S. yesterday, you might be wondering whether you get paid when your office is closed, if your employer can require you to work despite the storm, and other questions that arise when weather intersects with work.

Over at U.S. News & World Report, I answer the following:

  • Can my employer require me to come into work even if the weather is making it hard for me to get there?
  • If my company says that we should use our own judgment about whether to come in during snow, does it look bad if I stay home?
  • If my employer shuts down the office for a snow day, do they still have to pay me?
  • If my employer shuts down for a snow day, can they require that I use a vacation day for the time?
  • If I’m on scheduled leave when my company shut down for snow, do I still have to use up a vacation day for that time, even though my company was closed?

You can read it here.

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