Executives Greet New Year With Concerns About Leadership Shortages Amid Shifting Economic Realities

(From PRNewswire) -- Many executives foresee leadership shortages in the year ahead and are looking at programs to accelerate leadership development within their companies, according to new research from Deloitte. The Deloitte report, "Talent Edge 2020: Redrafting Talent Strategies for the Uneven Recovery," identifies a number of significant trends driving corporate talent strategies and tracks how companies are responding to shifting economic realities.

"The standout findings from our research are two-fold: the near universal agreement about the existing and potentially growing shortage of executive leadership and the significant regional differences in talent needs around the globe," said Alice Kwan, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and talent services leader. "Talent leaders in today's business environment are taking responsibility for their futures by focusing investments and capabilities on rebuilding and developing new talent programs for leaders and critical employees within their organizations."

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