Fellowes Savings Analyzer – for alternatives to off-site document management


And now a word from a sponsor…

It’s a pain to store documents off-site: It can take days to get your documents delivered when you need them, and there are tons of hidden fees (retrieval fees, fuel surcharges, odd-size boxes, and all kinds of other charges you didn’t realize you were signing up for). But businesses often turn to off-site document management because they assume it’ll be more efficient than handling it themselves – not realizing that it frequently isn’t.

If you’re not thrilled with your off-site management, take a look at the Fellowes Savings Analyzer. (Fellowes, by the way, is the company that created the first Bankers® Box in 1917, and they now sell all kinds of business machines, records storage, and office accessories.)

Once you answer a few quick, automated questions about how you’re currently handling records storage, shredding, binding, and laminating services, you’ll get an instant, customized recommendation on ways to save costs by bringing document management in-house – along with a projection how much money you could save.

Fellowes can save businesses up to 70% over off-site document storage, shredding, and finishing. Check out the Savings Analyzer and see if they might have cost savings for you.

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