Find a Tall White Guy to Practice On – and 4 Other Career Things You Could Have Learned From the Presidential Debate…

OK - I started watching the second presidential debate about ten minutes in, and I got sucked in.  So I did what any modern digital warrior would do - I live-tweeted that sucker.

Here's five things you should have learned for your career from the presidential debate (via my tweet stream... email subscribers click through for the pictures, which are the five things....)

1.  Don't ask questions when it's your turn to talk - unless you're sure what the answers are.

Tweet 1
2.  Don't point.  Do what Bill Clinton perfected and put your thumb on top of your first, then point with that.  It's aggressive but no one will think you're a jerk.  They'll think your a "thinker".

Tweet 2
3.  Don't try and say someone's name if you can't pronounce it.  It looks forced, people.  Loretta?

Tweet 3
4.  If you're interviewing with a tall white guy, find a tall white guy to practice on.  Even if he's a 180 from the guy you're going to interview with.

Tweet 4
5.  If you're interviewing and the manager has to look at your resume to get your name and all they can sputter out is your last name alone, you're basically screwed.  Find a way to end the interview.

Tweet 5

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