[email protected]%k It Friday: Your Avatar

I wonder what you use for your avatar?

Just like a tattoo, I think everyone chooses a social media profile picture for personal reasons.

Over the past year, I have seen a decrease in selfies and more prominent placement of other images — children, pets, art, commercial objects — as avatars.

Maybe it’s the colleagues and friends in my generation. Maybe we are sick of looking at ourselves as we age. Maybe the use of a “skin softening filter” seems uncivilized and undignified. I’m not sure.


(But nobody is fooled. We look our spotty, tired age son every social media site.)

Me? I use different avatars for different purposes. Sometimes I use a personal or a professional image, but sometimes I swap out a picture of my face for a picture of my cat because she is adorable.

Do you use a picture of your kids? Your cat? Your company logo? How do you represent yourself on social networking sites? What is your avatar?

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