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Sean Newcomb, a speaker at the marcus evans HR Technology Summit, on aligning the HRIT function with HR and business goals.

Interview with: Sean Newcomb, Global Head of HR MIS, Bank of America

Las Vegas, NV, September 28, 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Too often Human Resource (HR) technology executives fail because they do not invest the time needed to understand the business, instead just focusing on the technology components, Sean Newcomb, Global Head of HR Management Information Systems at Bank of America, highlighted. “They need to understand the business processes and policies the technology enables,” he elaborated.

A speaker at the upcoming marcus evans HR Technology Summit, in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 12-13, Newcomb shares his thoughts on mitigating technology related risk in the organization and driving the organization forward.

What should HR technology executives pay more attention to today?

They need to spend more time to understand the business of HR In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, where HR priorities and policies can shift quickly, they must be able to support that shift by aligning their resources to HR’s highest priority work.

What legal risks should HR Information Technology (IT) executives be aware of and pass on to the rest of the organization?

First and foremost is the safeguarding of employee data and ensuring compliance with privacy laws. There are also additional laws in the US, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, so they have to consider the accessibility and usability of their online tools.

I would also highlight HR’s role in implementing the organization’s social media policy, which needs to be thoughtfully designed to address personnel risks. There must also be appropriate monitoring in place so that employees can be held accountable for what they say and do.

Social media is a reality of our everyday life. Some HR organizations are reluctant to embrace new technologies, probably because of the fear of the unknown rather than actual risks. Social media can enable dynamic employee interaction and be used as a learning tool for new employees. It can also be a real time feedback mechanism for the organization to see how employees feel about the company.

As more companies embrace mobile technologies, what advice would you have for HRIT executives?

Companies are very eager to embrace mobile technologies, as they really do help employees be more efficient and productive. However, they do raise new questions and risks. For example, what are the FLSA impacts related to employees leveraging a mobile device to respond to work emails after hours? How do you address end user authentication and ensure proper data protection protocols are in place?

Nevertheless, mobile technology is the world we live in today and if organizations do not enable that, it will hinder their ability to have a productive and ultimately happy workforce.

Any final thoughts?

HRIT should not operate in a vacuum where it deploys technology for the sake of technology. It must try to solve business problems with the appropriate application of technology.

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About the HR Technology Summit 2012

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HR Technology Summit 2012

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