GREAT HR METRICS: Innovation Spend/Effectiveness at Your Company…

I'm on the record as liking Revenue Per Employee as the best macro metric on HR effectiveness.

But that's macro, let's get micro.  Training $$ per employee?  Turnover percentage?  Does that include involuntary?


Let's roll out something cool, like evaluating innovation spend vs peers.  Check out this chart from Business Insider today that shows R&D spend as a % of revenue (email subscribers, display images or click through for the post):


As they say... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

So, you can measure your spend on innovation as a percentage of revenue.  And when you do that, it tells you some things you would expect - namely, that your competitors are doing what you thought they were doing.  Microsoft, Cisco and Google - all leading the pack at over 10% of revenue spent on R&D.

But that of course, tells you nothing about effectiveness.  Apple?  <insert evil laugh>.  Spends about as much Dell - YES DELL - on R&D.


Things that make you go "hmmm"

On to the next one.

Signed - in search of metrics that provide clarity on talent issues.

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