HCM Partners Bring Human Capital Management to NetSuite ERP

While many of today’s talent management suite providers are extending their talent management capabilities to become full HR providers and HR providers hasten to add talent management support, NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP solution that includes e-commerce, professional services, and financials, has partnered to provide its customers with increased HCM functionality.

With a focus on the mid-and upper-mid markets, NetSuite has HR capabilities from companies such as SilkRoad, that increase its competitiveness with players such as WorkDay, which focus on HCM in their ERP platforms.  Integration between the ERP and the HR systems is a critical component in maintaining data integrity and in supporting analytics which cross various modules.

SilkRoad provides NetSuite users with talent acquisition, onboarding, and performance management applications, with an attractive tile-based user interface that offers both appeal and ease of use to end users and HR professionals alike. While the products have different architectures and different underlying databases, single sign-on eases access by users. 

This solution, as well as other HCM partners recently announced at SuiteWorld in San Jose last week, will address customer needs for employee management that NetSuite does not itself provide. Other HCM partnerships announced in addition to SilkRoad were Ascentis, CloudPay, Insperity, Meta4, NOVAtime, SilkRoad, TransCard and TribeHR.  Dell Boomi was announced as an integration partner.

The goal of this partner initiative spans many areas of HR and talent management, and addresses global support of NetSuite abroad. Beyond the intent to create one single employee system of record, support for talent management functions such as  employee and manager self-service, global payroll, benefits administration, compensation and incentive management, learning management, succession planning, workforce management, social collaboration and social media integration is intended.  NetSuite markets a payroll product developed from its acquisition of Perquest assets; that has yet to be integrated with SilkRoad, for example.  Payroll product CloudPay and HR provider Meta4 provide global capabilities for NetSuite’s growing international markets. Ascentis, NOVAtime, and Insperity, as well as SilkRoad, provide with HR capabilities; TribeHR provides social-networking based HR; TransCard supports unbanked employees.

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