how can I find a boring job?

Remember the recent letter from someone who didn’t want to sit in an office all day and and stare at a computer? A commenter on that post asked a question quite different from what we normally hear here:

After literally many years of searching online for a job I might not totally despise … I’ve heard time and time again about these jobs (that people hate) where they just sit in front of a computer doing the same thing every day. My question is: What the heck are these jobs and how do you get them?

I found this blog by doing a google search on “job where you can just sit at a computer all day.” And just like every other website I see on the subject, people seem to hate these jobs and want something different … I would LOVE to just do routine work at a computer. But no one ever seems to say what exactly these jobs are and how a person can get them.

I’ve asked the question before, of course, but am usually told IT jobs, programmer, etc. But the problem is those jobs require degrees in which you need to be able to pass courses such as Calculus and Physics. I’ve tried that route and am just not good enough at higher level maths and math-based sciences. The person in this article landed a “boring” job that was just sitting at a computer all day with just a History degree…how? What kind of job was that? I might be willing to go get a History degree if I could get a job like that.

I’ve heard data entry tossed around as well, but have never been given a clear answer on what’s required to get a job like that and where those jobs are located. I’ve never seen a job listed as “data entry” in the area I live. I assume most jobs that would require that type of work are lumped in with general office duties that are performed by secretaries. Are there such jobs where you’re just typing stuff into a computer and not having to answer phones, etc. as well? Are those jobs just located in bigger companies in large cities? At this point I may even be willing to move to get one of these so-called “boring” jobs.

Well, there’s a difference between jobs where you’re in front of a computer all day and jobs where you’re in front of a computer all day doing routine work. Lots of professional jobs (maybe the majority) involve sitting at a computer most of the day, but many aren’t especially routine — although plenty of people who have them still call them boring.

If what you’re looking for is routine work where you don’t have to problem solve, interact much with others, or deal with much variety, your options are more limited.

Data entry would indeed fit the bill, and there are lots of jobs focused on it (transcription, medical coding, incoming mail processing, and lots more). To do data entry, you need to be a reasonably fast typist, accurate, and uptight about details … and to get a data entry job, you need to demonstrate that you’re all those things, plus professional and easy to work with. I’m not sure why you’re not seeing those jobs — I just Googled “data entry job” and tons of listings came up, although of course I don’t know where you live.

But it would help to know more about your background. What’s your work history? What are you good at and not so good at? Why do you want this type of job?

Meanwhile, maybe readers will weigh in with details about boring jobs they’ve had and they got them … but to really help, we need to know more about you.

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