how can I make people stop talking to me about my job search?

A reader writes:

My parents and their friends are wonderful, well-intentioned people. But every time we get together, my job search is a hot topic of conversation (the last four years I have worked either seasonally or in retail while seeking work…thus I’m constantly job searching). Four years later and I officially can’t do it anymore–not only does their advice leave me defending my job choices and annoyed, but it completely dominates conversation and I have a tricky time changing the subject. Needless to say, I cringe every holiday season when I have to go back home and I anticipate many laborious, boring job search conversations.

How can I politely and firmly nip these conversations in the butt?

Try these:

“Actually, I would love to not talk about my job search and just be able to enjoy our time together.”

“I promise I’m on it and it’s going well, but I’m officially worn out when it comes to talking about it. Tell me how it’s going with (their hobby/job/kids/anything).”

“I so appreciate you asking, but I would love more than anything to take a break from thinking about it while I’m home! How is (their hobby/job/kids/anything)?”

Readers, what else have you found shuts these conversations down and keeps you from fending off comments like these?

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