How Social Business Leaders Lead: Talent Management and Recruiting

(From -- Talent management gets a great deal of attention in social business particularly in the human resources department. Fundamentally, it is a question of if talent acquisition and personnel development are changing dramatically in the light of huge jumps in connectivity through social networks as ways to find jobs and learn from others. If there are changes to how businesses work with talent, what might they be? At Enterprise2.0 conference Santa Clara, I caught up with Tim Young, the former CEO of Socialcast, and now VP of Social Enterprise at VMware to ask this question (following my prior post on Mr. Young’s thoughts).

*Note: This is a continuation of my series, How Social Business Leaders Lead, focusing on how leaders of existing social businesses are evolving their own skills, along with their views of future models of work, the evolving nature of management, and the evolving structure of the organization.

Rawn Shah: What do organizations do for talent management?

Tim Young: “I think, a lot of companies today will tell you ‘We spend a lot of money to hire the best talent,’ [or] ‘We spend a lot of money to retain our best talent,’ but when you ask what do [they] do in between those two junctures to develop that talent, there’s not a lot going on. I think organizations [that] recognize that opportunity to develop people, really develop their people, not just send them to a seminar every month, but actually really develop that talent and nurture them. Those are the organizations where people really want to work.”

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