How to Build Trust in an Organization

(From UNC Kenan-Flagler) -- In a 2001 interview with Fortune magazine about his company’s continued success, Herbert D. Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, attributed much of it to the fact that he always treated his employees like customers. Kelleher knew that employees who are trusted and treated fairly will, in turn, treat their customers with trust and respect. This is the same kind of philosophy that made Netflix a huge success as a young start-up organization. From the beginning, Netflix founder Reed Hastings knew the kind of company culture he wanted to develop to achieve its purpose. Netflix’s “Freedom and Responsibility Culture” was based on the premise that all employees understand the purpose of the organization and that they know the value customers get from doing business with Netflix. The foundation of that culture is trust and responsibility; trust in its employees to achieve the company’s goals and trust in its customers to act responsibly by eliminating late fees and asking customers to return their DVD rentals when they are ready. Read the complimentary whitepaper.
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