HR Horror Stories

Clipart gothique avec dessin femme gothique - gothic clipart gothic woman in cimeteryWhen I tell people that I write a quasi-human-resources-blog, they expect to read HR horror stories.

I don’t blame them.

I used to write and speak about the chaotic, dirty and convoluted experiences I had as a human resources professional.

  • Employee relationships
  • Etiquette mistakes
  • Drug abuse
  • Addiction (alcohol, porn, gambling, fetishes, etc.)
  • Violence
  • Wardrobe malfunctions
  • Poop

I don’t do that, anymore.

People are quirky and gross. I have stories that are both hilarious and heartbreaking. But most of the people in my stories are massively messed up. You don’t risk everything — your job, your career, your marriage — when you are a happy, healthy and functioning adult.

And if the characters in my stories are not mentally unhinged, they are tragic characters who have been failed by a series of systems, processes and institutions that should have known better.

I don’t want to fail these people a second time around.

So no more HR horror stories. Well, okay, I can’t make that promise. But not the easy, obvious and lazy ones.

You can find those elsewhere on the web.

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