HR Tech Delivers on Promise of “Awesome” and SMAC Talk

The annual HR Tech show, a favorite of many in the world of technologies surrounding the human capital management space, wrapped up its second Las Vegas appearance this past week. The event provides a revue for software creators, the analyst community and the end users to see all the newest innovation and share end user stories of implementations and technology successes.

Tops trends?  Talkin’ SMAC. No, not bad-mouthing the HRIT community, but Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud went from “nice-to-haves” to mainstream.  Social interactions via software are tied to employment engagement, mobile is now ubiquitous as the “mobile first” reigns with many as importance of intelligence required for decision making, and Cloud delivery predominates, as  few competitive software solutions were other than SaaS on the exhibition floor.

Each year several companies are selected on the basis of innovative “awesomeness” for presentation in a session called “Awesome New Technologies for HR.” I found some more awesome than others, and some not as awesome as some of their competitors.

The companies selected to participate in the “Awesome New Technologies for HR”
session were:
* Causecast, a corporate philanthropy and volunteering software application which I quite liked in its completeness and ease of use;
* cfactor works, a virtual onboarding program ( see my bulletin “Virtual Onboarding for the Global Workforce” for more on the topic in general);
* Entelo, which has rather interesting technology for social graphing the existing workforce for matches with newly opened positions;
* Hunite, a mobile portal which overlays the disparate HR-related employee functions to present one view to the employee;
* Jibe, which added recruiting analytics to its mobile talent acquisition application, and
* Jobvite, which is first to market with native embedded video conferencing candidate interviewing included in its candidate management system.

Criteria, according to Steve Boese, the show ringleader stepping into the shoes of long-time “Mr. HR TECH”  Bill Kutick, included usability, an innovative approach to solve an HR challenge and the ability to help HR leaders and their companies succeed.  I admit to finding some less innovative than the technologies showcased in the past, yet all were indeed interesting in their own right.

Another highlight of the event is the Talent Board’s selection of those companies that provide great experiences for their candidates. Called the CandE Awards, (pronounced “candy”), this award is in its third year, and has grown in participation and interest at a speed start-ups would drool to attain.   This year 122 companies applied to the competition, according to Elaine Orler, chairman and co-founder of the Talent Board, with information gleaned from 46,000 candidate surveys.  What I found particularly interesting was this finding that Elaine reported from this year’s competition: nearly 60 percent of candidates have some aspect of a relationship with the company before they applied, whether as a customer or a friend or relative of a current employee.

We are proud to note that Deloitte was one of the 64 companies recognized as winners of the 2013 Candidate Experience Awards for representing a quality candidate engagement strategy.

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