I accidentally sent an email mentioning sex to my girlfriend’s work email account

A reader writes:

I recently sent an email to my girlfriend that mentioned sex.  No pictures, no descriptions.  My exact phrase was “about as much as I hate having sex with you,” which meant not at all.  She did not reply, nor make any comments that warrant such a remark.

I thought this was to her personal email but realized, after had already pressed Send, that it was to her work email.

She works for a huge company, and her job requires her to send about a hundred emails out a day.

What are the chances they flag this? Gets brought to management attention?  Could she get in trouble for something I did?

It is highly, highly unlikely that this will be flagged or that anyone will get in trouble for it. It is Quite Minor as far as inappropriate use of work email goes.

The worst case scenario, which is really unlikely to happen, is that your girlfriend would get a heads-up to stop using work email for personal messages … but again, even that is extremely unlikely to happen. If she’s really worried about it, she could reply with something like, “Please do not email me at my work address,” so that if anyone did happen to look, it would already be on the record that she’s already taken care of it … but really, that’s not even necessary; it’s more of a peace of mind measure.

You should probably take her work email address out of your email program’s auto-fill though, since there are all kinds of possibilities for inappropriate emails to be mistakenly addressed otherwise. And that advice goes for any other mildly risqué emailers out there too!

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