I Like People Who Don’t Suck – That’s Why I’m Celebrating Paul Hebert Day…

Last year, a group of HR bloggers banned together to do a tongue-cheek-dedication to a guy named Tim Sackett.  It was basically a roast, designed to play off the fact that Tim works his ### off and can't ever make a list - best bloggers, best HR people to follow on Twitter, Top 5 Dads in his neighborhood - nothing.  If there's a list, Tim's not on it.  So we roasted him with his own day.

Flash forward a year to the day, and we're a little more serious, honoring someone we love and Paul think you should know about - a guy named Paul Hebert from Greenville, SC.

Paul is a nationally known expert in influence, rewards, recognition, etc.  You get the vibe.  Check out his LinkedIn Profile here and his company website here.

But he's got his own day, and this year we're actually being serious. 

Which begs the question - why does Paul Hebert get his own day?  What makes him special?

Two things make Paul Hebert special in my eyes (having known him for 4+ years now):

1. He's constantly trying new things.  To be Paul Hebert means that you experiment with anything you think might have merit professionally.  Paul's older than me, and probably older than you.  Still, he's experimenting with things before anyone else.  I see this through the realm of his blog, social media and other forms of technology, but I'm sure it transfers into other areas of his life.  Paul is unafraid of things that are new.  Most of us have that fear.

2. Paul's a patient guy who meets people halfway. One of the things I love about Paul is that conversations are two-way.  He listens to you.  He responds to what you said with your feelings and position in mind. It's a two-way conversation, and yes - that's rare enough in today's world to be notable.

Today is Paul Hebert day.  I'm proud to call him a friend and a colleague in the game we call HR/Talent Management/Whatever the heck we're calling it today.  You should get to know him as well - check out his coordinates below:

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