I WANT TO BE: A Head Ball Coach

It was that time recently at my son's elementary school - each kid had to answer the question - what do you want to be when you grow up?

My youngest son (9) had to answer that question, and he could have said "lawyer" (Mrs. Dunn) or "HR guy/evangelist" (me), but he didn't.  That would have been boring.

Instead, he went with "coach".  He'll change his mind later when he finds out the lack of money in the profession.  Here's some pics from his day along with my notes on why you're seeing what you're seeing (email subscribers, enable photos or click through for the web version):

Picture #1


My take - I like the way he's pointing in this picture - kind of the "that's not good enough" or "drop and give me ten" type of thing.  Identifying yourself as the coolest coach makes sense as well - no reason to wait for others to bestow that on you.

Picture #2


He took my podcast headset for the day, which is clearly not "Beats" by Dr Dre.  He's also sporting a trendy UnderArmour coaching shirt that's 5 sizes too big.  

Picture #3

Brady 4

He labled the headset "head ball coach" after I spent the better part of a weekend saying "head ball coach" 1000 times after I saw Steve Spurrier had "HBC" on the top of his headset during a TV game.  You guessed it - Steve Spurrier has bestowed the title "head ball coach" on himself.  Gotta love it.

Picture #4


Smart kid.  He gets to stay in the house for another year.  He's got great judgment and tremendous upside if this suck up attempt is any indication.

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