I want your updates … and an interview with me

Two things –

1. Listen to an interview with me about internships

I’m interviewed on the latest episode of The Money Jar podcast, talking about how to be awesome at your internship — or any job, really. (And this is timely, because I’m hiring an intern. Details coming tomorrow.) You can listen to the interview here; my segment starts at 16:05.

2. Where are you now?

Every December, I publish “where are they now” updates from people whose questions I answered here in the past year. It’s time for 2013′s version, so …

If you’ve had your question answered here in the last year, please email me an update and let us know how your situation turned out. Leave no juicy detail out!  I’ll post updates as they come in. (Don’t post them here though; email them to me.)

And yes, I know we just had a round of these in October, but there are plenty more to be had and we can’t break this end-of-year tradition.

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