If Richard Sherman Took a Pre-Employment Assessment, Here’s What it Would Show…

By now you've heard or read about Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.  As the football Seahawks move to the Super Bowl this week in NYC, he's the talk of the town.  Brash. Confident.  High-Performing. See the clip below for post-game interview that started the media sensation (email subscribers, click through if you can't see the video):

Plenty has been written about Sherman, so I'm going to zig while others zag.  I'm not doing an analysis on the definition of thug, or talking about the contrast between being raised in Compton by a 2-parent family, then graduating from Stanford.  Instead, let's dig into Sherman's probable behavioral assessment if you gave him one as part of your interview process.

Here's what I think that would show - as told through the lens of Talent DNA, the assessment we use at Kinetix:

-High Cognitive - Sherman can take a lot of data in and make quick accurate decisions, as evidenced by his performance on the field, and his performance in the cited interview, which was conducted literally two minutes after he made a play that saved the game for the Seahawks.  Quick study, that Richard Sherman.

-High Assertive - Not much else needs to be said here.  Don't you ever talk about him.  He's going to shut your mouth for you.

-Low Rules - Sherman likes to create his own solutions, as evidenced by his ability to adjust on the field and have little tolerance for being told what he should do.  The Seahawks can't control RS, they're just along for the ride.  If they don't like it, they'll have to trade him, because low rules people don't change.

-High People - He's obvious not introverted.

-Low Team - It's about him, not about the team.  He measures himself against others and if you want to motivate him, you talk about him vs. others, not team results.  PS - he needs that but may appear angry if... you talk about him.

-Faking Good - Doesn't appear to be hiding much, does he?

Superbowl prediction - Broncos 24, Seahawks 20.  Peyton Manning throws 60 straight 4 yard routes away from Sherman, and on the 40th and 53 of those passes, Sherman is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.  Becuase, you know, he figured out he was being ignored.   


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