If You Complain About One of My Job Postings, You Were One I Was Trying to Repel In the First Place…

Have you ever wanted to shake up the job postings you do for your open positions?

I'm going to make a suggestion that many of you won't be able to pull off, but a lot of you can.  You need to take more chances with your job postings.  You need to make them unique in ways where 25% of the usual suspects who are just spamming you a resume won't apply.

Because as Eddie Vedder once said, "This is not for you"...

The important thing to know is that some people are going to take it the wrong way, and the bar for people to act offended is lower than you might think it is.

Example - take this posting I recently did for a Leadership Development Specialist working with and for me at Kinetix (click through to see the posting).  I wrote it how it felt, and added two features to break through all the white noise:

1. I called it the "Swami".

2. I said that people who say "strategic" and "competency" in the interview process will have to drink increasing amounts of vodka each time they utter those and similar words.  Because the positoin is real, but the vision of what is to be developed doesn't include a worldview that includes those words.

And of course, we got a call into our office line.  Someone was offended that we were talking about drinking and was also offended that we would make reference to the term Swami in a job posting.

Thanks for calling Marge. You just validated my decision to write it the way I wrote it.  

I was in Vegas two times in the last month.  No drinking, no gambling. No "toptional" pool.  The term "vanilla" comes to mind.  I looked up the definition of a Swami after the complaint, but honestly, I know it much more from watching Chris Berman play the Swami on ESPN.

But - I'm an observer of the game and know that you can have fun with stuff that's usually boring as hell.

Add a feature or two to a job posting you do this week.  Take some chances.  People that you want to apply will like you more.  Marge will call in and hate. 

Value the people who like it more than they would have (and have higher interest in the job) more than you value making Marge happy.

Marge is the enemy of interesting work.  Soak on that a bit for you and those you look after in the workforce.

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