interesting perks and random kindness

In last Friday’s open thread, commenter Mike C. asked about the coolest perks people have seen companies offer. The answers are fascinating and all worth a read — including six-month unpaid sabbaticals, $1 dry cleaning,  free apples, twice-monthly housecleaning, 10% of the annual savings of any implemented idea (up to $10,000), $1,200 to use to pay for a vacation (and you still get to use PTO when you take it!), free toilet paper, and more.

But I especially loved this one from Arvil:

Not sure if it’s a “perk” per se, but one of the things I like most about my retail job is that staff are encouraged to carry out random acts of kindness.

Throughout the year, every staff member can choose one customer per week to give any product to – telling them upfront it’s a gift or just slipping it into their bag to discover at home (along with a note explaining why they have this extra item!). It’s a really nice thing to be able to do, when you’ve established a rapport with a customer or you get the sense they’re on a really tight budget or never treat themselves and so on and so forth.

In December, the frequency increases to one random act of kindness per staff member per day. Everyone starts to feel very Christmassy when they know they can do a little something extra to make a deserving customer feel a bit special.

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