Is Your Kid On Track To Be a 40-Year Old Barista? Probably.

It's all glory over here at the Capitaist today, kids.  I made it out of the ATL on the way to Birmingham on Tuesday just in time - we still have employees at Kinetix who are stuck in traffic almost 24 hours later.

Me?  I gave up on the ice covered roads about 4pm, so I'm "remote" today from Exit #11 on Georgia I-20.  Stayed last night and I'm staying again tonight, because when you don't have slowplows or salt/sand trucks, 2 inches of black ice tends to mess with the program.

Oh, and here's a headline you don't want to see as a leader:

Atlanta mayor: 'A lot of people' still stuck on highways

"A lot" means you don't really know and there's not really a plan.  A cynic could say it's Katrina with SUVs. Ugh.

What I'm telling you is that I'm dealing with a lot of ____ today.

So today I'm pushing you over to a post I did at Fistful of Talent yesterday entitled, "5 Reasons Your Kid Will End Up Being a 40-Year Old Barista".  It's a good one.

Go check it out and comment.  It's all there: Avoiding Math and Science, giving them everything, private school tuition that makes no sense, helicoptering parents.  Boom.  Click here to get the post.

I'll be at Exit 11.  They left the light on for me.

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