Just Ask and Keep a Straight Face – You’ll be Glad You Did…

Too good from a reader not to share.  Becki writes in off the post last week "#Winning - Win Your Next HR Negotiation By Being the First to Name Your Price":

"Tried something like this last week. Got a quote from a vendor for expanded services. Replied back asking for a 70% discount. Ended up getting a 60% discount. TOTALLY INSANE. I work for a small organization (one woman HR). It not only saved us some decent $$ but it made me look good! My 2012 goal is assertiveness. Thanks for the post (totally encouraging to read)."

Retail, as they say, is for suckers.  Too many HR people respect the retail sticker price.

If you don't ask, you can't win.  I know, you came here for strategy... When is the last time you tried to shock someone with your first offer in a negotiation?

Right.  So maybe you need the reminder.  We all do.  

Thanks Becki...

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