ladies, be dainty when asking for a raise

Yo, ladies! Want to ask for a raise? A new study suggests that you do it by appearing hesitant and feminine — because people like their ladies dainty and non-aggressive. Of course, this will come naturally to you, because you are a lady.

Here are some of the study’s recommendations:

* Mention that you feel uncomfortable asking for a raise! Use phrases like, “I’d feel terrible if I offended you in doing this.” Because you are a lady and ladies should not feel comfortable asking for things.

* Blame it on someone else, by saying that another person suggested you ask for the raise. Your feminine mind would not come up with something so vulgar on its own.

* Put lace doilies down everywhere. (Okay, that was mine, not the study’s.)

But really, do ladies even need money? Why aren’t their husbands providing for them?!

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