Managerial Training Tip: Put the Foundation Out there and Then Let Them Teach Each Other…

Just back from a favorite HR consulting client in Houston.  Lesson time:  The best training gets participants involved sooner rather than later.

It's easy to be a talking head, especially if you have strong subject matter knowledge, when delivering training.  While I'm smart (both KD and my Mom say so), I'm nowhere near as smart as a group of managers teaching each other.  

The best way to turn control over to the class?  Make them experiment with the concepts you're covering in a real world, public way.  Make them do exercises with live data, then make them share their work with the rest of the class for peer review.

Easy ways to do that?  If writing is involved, have them work on their own examples, then throw it up on the screen in class for peer review.  Skill that's delivered live?  Role play in front of the class.

It's not what they learn when they present their own work (although that's important).  It's what they learn when they view and give feedback on the work of others in a team setting.

When training, stop talking and start facilitating/moderating a conversation.  I wish I would have done even more of that last week.  

It's where 80% of the impact is.

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