most popular posts of 2012

Ask a Manager’s traffic more than doubled again this year, with 3.4 million unique visitors, 5.4 million visits, and more than 8.8 million page views. Thanks for your part in that!

Here are the posts that interested people the most this year (not including open threads, and not including “ask the readers” posts, which I covered on Saturday).

Most commented-on posts of 2012:

10. Am I in a dead-end job?

9. My company has started an annoying initiative involving health and religion

8. Is it fair for an employer to refuse to hire smokers?

7. My former coworker wants my company to sponsor her party

6. My coworker is a registered sex offender

5. My manager told me to be less sarcastic at work, but I don’t want to

4. Could I work for a manager with a degree from an online school?

3. Employer won’t give me a fair chance to interview

2. When your boss leads a workplace dinner in prayer

1. My husband emailed my manager about our decision for me to resign

Most viewed posts of 2012: 

10.  What your interviewer says vs. what they mean

9. My husband emailed my manager about our decision for me to resign

8. How to reject job applicants when the position hasn’t been filled yet 

7. How not to reply to a rejection email 

6. When an interviewer asks “why shouldn’t we hire you?”

5. Asked to give feedback on my manager’s performance 

4. What to say when you negotiate salary

3. My job offer was revoked before I started — and after I quit my job

2. When a job application asks if your current employer can be contacted

1. How long should I wait for a company to contact me for an interview?


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