My College Roomie: Now Plotting with Triple H…

Friday is light.  Let's talk dream careers.

My college roommate and best man in the KD/Angela wedding many years ago was Glenn Jacobs, who has an unbelievable career as a character/athlete in the WWE (professional wrestling).  I've shared that a time or two, and as it turns out, many of you are freaks for pro wrestling.  Or have kids who are freaks for pro wrestling.

One of my readers shared that the WWE recently let Glenn/Kane take his mask off.  Here's a picture of the big guy looking contemplative in a suite as he and Triple H team up to plot sometime in the last couple of weeks.  File this one under "you never know where your career is going to lead you".

Me? I was always a D-Generation X guy back in the day.  Those of you that are wrestling fans know what I'm talking about.  Everyone else - don't unsubscribe - I'll be back on Monday with more hard core HR technical writing.

Kane and HHH

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