my internship ended last week, but they’re still giving me work

A reader writes:

I just finished an internship last week and sent my last project to my supervisor. My supervisor e-mailed me and asked me to add information to the project that he hadn’t mentioned I needed to include before. It’d probably take me at least three hours to do it. The internship was unpaid, turned out to not be good experience/learning-wise, and I did all the hours I agreed to do, so I don’t think I “owe” them more time. I’m also starting a new internship this week, so I don’t exactly have a bunch of extra free time to be still doing work for them. They have 15 interns each semester, so it’d be easy for him to hand the work off to someone else in the spring since the work isn’t time sensitive.

Is it unreasonable for me to not do the extra work? Can I just remind my supervisor that I’ve finished my hours and say I’m starting another internship and don’t have time to do additional work? I don’t want to “burn bridges” but I really don’t want to have to force myself though another few hours of tedious free work while I’m busy starting another internship either.

What?!  This guy knows that your internship ended last week, right?

Yeah, just email him back and tell him that now that your internship is over and you’re starting a new position, you don’t have time to continue to do work for him. Thank him again for the experience, blah blah blah, but no, you don’t need to continue to do work now that the position is over.

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