My Kind of C-Level Leader Will Threaten People to Retain Talent….

Threats mean you're passionate.  Threats mean you care.

You can't have a handshake deal between companies agreeing not to recruit from each other without running into anti-trust issues.  So that approach is problematic. But, you can be direct and indicate there are... um... consequences for poaching your most talented people.

Last week I put a call out for candidates on a great HR leadership spot in Houston - at Cimation (click the link for the job posting).  When the post went out to email subscribers that day, I got the following reply from a leader of a company who is a Capitalist reader, and knows that their HR leader reads the HRC as well.  Here's what that leader had to say:

"l'll break both your legs and have every basketball hoop removed in a 50 mile radius if you even think of Julie."    

Julie's not her real name.  But that's my kind of leader.  Physical health - check.  Attack the passion - check.

I like passionate people.  Passionate people don't sit on the sidelines and become victims.  Passionate people take action.  They are clear.  Crystal clear.

I have no interest in Julie.  That is all.



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