Observations on the Top 3 Professions Where Employees Hate Their Boss…

OK - there's a lot of people who hate their boss.  #fact

But, if you really put science behind it, some professions hate their bossed more than others.  Case in point - PayScale recently asked their users what they wanted to change most about their current job. There seemed to be a trending answer among certain professions — they wanted a new boss, at a higher rate than average. 

Check out that top three below (see the entire breakdown here), observations after the jump:

1.Chemists and Material Scientists
Percentage who hate their boss: 19.4%
Median pay: $56,500
High stress: 54%
Low job satisfaction: 16%

2.Dental Hygienists
Percentage who hate their boss: 18.2%
Median pay: $67,700
High stress: 54%
Low job satisfaction: 9%

Percentage who hate their boss: 17.9%
Median pay: $26,300
High stress: 64%
Low job satisfaction: 16%

Observations on the plight of Chemists, Dental Hygienists and Bakers:

1. Chemists - let's face it, they're complicated. They've got big brains, and managing people doesn't necessarily build acceptance across direct reports with big brains.  I could kill you 20 different ways in the next 5 minutes. Get out of my face with that coaching methodology.

2. Dental Hygienists - Did I miss the memo on pay for dental hygienists?  67K?  WOW.  I'll stop there, but you don't have to - <insert astute observation here>.

3. Bakers - Like the chemists, but with slightly smaller brains.  You got into the game for the love of pastries, now some numb###s is pressuring you to crank more production.  Where's the love? Remember when you asked for an easy-bake oven as a young boy, and your dad gave you a baseball glove two straight birthdays before finally giving in?  Remember how it was about the art? About the texture? Now some guy that eats Wonder bread is asking you why you can't work faster.  

Did I mention Dental Hygienists average 67K? I may not recover from this fact until next week.

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