Office Space: Raw Functionality or Style? You Make the Call…

So we're growing at Kinetix. Which is good. But that means our main conference table isn't big enough to handle some of the meetings we want to hold, which is bad.

Here's what our primary conference room, called "the War Room", looks like now:

1. Big White Conference Table

Kinetix 1

2.  Trendy Sitting Area On The Other End

Kinetix 2

So the choice is as follows:

1. Get a bigger conference table (or add another) for functionality and take out the cool sitting area.

2. Never hold a a meeting that takes more than 9 or 10 people and keep it the way it is.

3. Stop holding meetings altogether.

4. Go shop at the Kremlin and make this whole thing more grayscale and boring.

Have I led the witness enough?  Hit me in the comments or with a reply email...

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