Panel calls for quarterly employee performance reviews

(From Federal Times) -- Federal managers should review employees quarterly to create a culture of ongoing, continuous feedback and let poor performers know they need to straighten up, a task force recommended Wednesday.

The Employee Performance Management Workgroup, made up of federal chief human capital officers, Obama administration officials, and representatives of union and management organizations, also said the government must improve how it selects supervisors, and require mandatory training for them on how to manage their employees' performance.

The draft Employee Performance Management Accountability Framework does not recommend any structural changes to the government's personnel systems. The Office of Personnel Management and the Chief Human Capital Officers Council took changes to laws, regulations and labor contracts and pay-for-performance off the table before the working group began.

"None of this stuff is groundbreaking," OPM Deputy Chief of Staff Justin Johnson said. "It's a comprehensive collection of good management practices. We like to call it common sense that isn't yet common practice."

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