PREACH IT: White Dudes + Aliases = Nothing Good

Here's a sexy topic for you - the use of aliases that are uncovered via background check.

What do they mean?  More than you know.  Nothing other than someone changed their name, which is their right.  Everything in between. Jack

Some quick background - My company (Kinetix) does work for a former friend of mine turned entrepreneur.  As part of that talent work, we do transactional things in the talent life cycle like background checks for the people he's thinking about hiring.  One of our coordinators CCs me on those so I know he's taken care of, which is important to me.

The other day I see a background check come through for a developer and he's got 2 aliases in his past of the social security number trace.  2 seems like a lot.  Background was clear other than that little thing.

I started thinking about it.  Here's my practical rules for how to view aliases on background checks:

1.  Aliases + charges/convictions means walk away.

2.  Females have a lot of latitude to change their names.  Stalkers and weird vibe guys abound.  Sometimes a lady has to change her name to get a freak out of her life.  Check.

3.  People with highly ethnic names that change them to more standard American names get a pass as well.  Welcome to America, Mr. Smith.

4.  WASPy american born males that change their names in their adult life - what is up with that?   Red flag.  I get that someone might have changed their name due to a stepfather/father situation, but you generally don't see that out in the marketplace when someone is in their mid to late twenties and beyond.

What did I miss?

So yeah - I'm talking to you white American males.  What's up with multiple aliases in your adult life?  Are you Jack Bauer, recently retired from the CTU?   Witness protection program after a run at the lower levels of the Soprano family?  I think not.  Seems like a reset for whatever reason looms in your closet.  Child support?  Jumped ship in Tibet before you fulfilled your commitment to the Peace Corp?

My friend?  He hired the guy.  Software developers are hard to find.  It's not show friends, it's show business.  

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