Second Annual Tim Sackett Day: Paul Hebert

paulhebertToday is Tim Sackett Day – the day we recognize a normal person in Human Resources. Someone who probably won’t end up on a fancy list.

Someone like you.

This year, our Tim Sackett Day honoree is Paul Hebert. If you don’t know Paul Hebert, this is what he says about himself on LinkedIn.

I have experience on both sides of the marketing and sales fence. I spent 10 years designing and presenting incentive, recognition, rewards and loyalty strategies to C-level audiences at Fortune 500 firms and spent 10 years selling and managing over $15 million in business as a field sales person.

  • Specialties: Audience Analysis – what does your audience need and want in order for you to achieve your objective?
  • Program Analysis – focusing on efficiency and effectiveness of program design and implementation
  • Program Design – integrating motivation tactics with behavioral economics and social psychology to enhance program results
  • Competitive Program Research – what are you competitors doing to drive results
  • ROI analysis – Does your initiative provide a return on your expense?

This stuff isn’t sexy but Paul is the guy your CEO calls to figure out how much to pay you [or not pay you] when you do a good job.

Find Paul here:

Happy Tim Sackett Day, everyone.

And congrats to Paul for being such an amazing colleague in the HR space!

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