Section 127 Legislation Introduced in the House of Representatives.

ASTD has been advocating for and participating in extending the Section 127 section of the IRS tax code for over the past 10 years. Section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code enables an employee to exclude from income up to $5,250 per year in employer-provided tuition assistance for any type of educational course at the undergraduate and graduate level, regardless of whether the education is job-related.

In December of 2010, the Congress and Administration passed an extension to these and many other tax cuts and tax credits. These extensions were only for two years and are due to expire this December.  ASTD has advocated with others that the Section 127 portion of the IRS tax code should be made a permanent tax credit in the tax code.

Earlier this month, a bi-partisan bill was introduced in the House. HR 4137, the Employee Educational Assistance Act of 2012, introduced by Representatives Johnson (R-TX) and Neal (D-MA). The bill, if passed, will make this a permanent section of the IRS code.

ASTD will be taking Chapter Leaders again this year up to Capitol Hill as a pre-conference workshop for the Chapter Leaders Conference in October. We will be discussing this and other training related issues with Congress. More details coming.

ASTD will be monitoring this legislation with all the other pieces of training related legislation, grants and tax credits for our members. You can review a current list of items from this Congressional session we are tracking at:

ASTD is part of the The Coalition to Preserve Employer Provided Education Assistance. You can find out more information and keep track of Section 127 initiatives at:



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