should I get extra money for training my replacement?

A reader writes:

I have given my notice at work and my boss has accepted my recommendation to move a certain person from another department into my position. As such she was available for training upon my giving notice. I have asserted that I would like to be paid extra for training her. My boss replied that never in all his years has he heard of anyone asking for compensation for being a trainer, but that he would consider my request. I know in fact that the woman who trained me for my position indeed asked him for this very thing, and he eventually gave her a small bonus on her last paycheck.

I feel that just because many people in the labor force get exploited and given more and more work without compensation doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to ask for more. Indeed he has already saved money and time by agreeing to move one of his employees into my position rather than interviewing new applicants, etc. I don’t want to take out my frustration on the woman who will be replacing me by not training her well, but I am ready to do the bare minimum at this point. How standard of a practice is it to be compensated for being a trainer? Am I out of line or just a wimp?

Not standard; pretty unheard of. Out of line. 

Train her. This is normal.

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