Six Tips for Enhancing Workplace Talent

(From Business Wire) -- At a time when many businesses are still doing more with less, The Vaya Group today released six tips for optimizing talent.

"Many business leaders start out with good intentions, but then get distracted by the urgent crisis of the day," said Paul Eccher, author and co-founder and principal of The Vaya Group. "However, when performed routinely, a few practical steps can keep talent fresh, current, and most importantly, productive for the organization."

1.   Visibly Recognize Learning and Skill Development. In addition to rewarding employees who develop new skills or take on challenging work assignments, it's important to celebrate the learning that comes from trying, even when the team falls short of their target. A little praise can go a long way in inspiring employees to push themselves to keep learning and adding new skills that will benefit the organization.

2.   Encourage Clear Learning Goals and Objectives. To foster increased productivity and employee satisfaction, ensure that everyone on the team, including you, has at least one clearly-defined learning goal. Then, make these goals public and give the team the time, support and encouragement needed to achieve these goals.

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