SKILLS FOR MANAGERS: Knowing When to Switch It Up…

Short post today.  All in all, I've got a pretty good life.  Great family, interesting work, etc.

My biggest disappointment and challenge that appears from time to time?  Waiting too long to Joakimdogtee change the game on something that's clearly not working.

When something is not working in any area of your life, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. If I wait to change this, is there any reasonable probability it's going to get better?

2. If the answer to #1 is no, what the #$# am I waiting on?

The disease of waiting to change or take action is everywhere, and it's impacting the managers you support daily.  Excuses for not taking action if the answer to #1 include the following:

1. We need to give it/them time.

2. I'm afraid of hurting someone's feelings

3. It's too hard to get everyone on the same page.

4. I've got a lot invested in the current solution.

When you really stop and thinking about it, the most dynamic leaders in any organization are the people who can accurately assess if there's any probability of stale results getting better, then take action like a Ninja on five Red Bulls to change it up.

It's on my mind in a big way.  So much so the post today over at our new blog at Kinetix (aptly named Tremendous Upside) is a quote:

"If you're scared, buy a dog"

Kill something that needs to be killed or pivot today. It might just be what it takes to get you interested in your work again.  For some of you, that's the biggest win you'll have this year.

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