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Some random notes –

* Some of you have asked for the ability to subscribe to the comments feed for one particular post, rather than having to sign up for comments on all of them. Thanks to the wonderful and talented Laura Moore of Smallest Decisions, you can now do this!  At the bottom of every post (just below the comments box), you’ll see an option to access the RSS feed for comments on that particular post and that post alone.

* Speaking of comments, this new “how to comment” page includes things like instructions for bolding or italicizing text in your comments. You can always find it via the link in the sidebar directly to the right (it’s in a grey box).

* I also updated this list of favorite posts (which hadn’t been updated for three years).

* This is a really good article on how to do informational interviews.

* I linked to this in the comments on the recent post about the pushy dietician, but thought others might be interested too:  This is an article I wrote for the Washington Post 17 years ago on etiquette for meat-eaters when around vegetarians. (I was only 22, so be kind.) And while I’m at it, I’ll also share this article, which I wrote for the Post when I was 19 — about living on my own for the first time and having ridiculous expectations about how it would work.

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