SUPER BOWL TALENT NOTES: The Right Harbaugh Won the Game…

OK - you watched ther SuperBowl or were around it.  Eating.  Drinking. Being a consumer of 5 million dollar commercials.

Did you see who won? I don't mean the Ravens or the 49ers. Harbaugh

I mean John Harbaugh beat Jim Harbaugh. Ball Don't Lie. Good guys win.

John and Jim Harbaugh are brothers.  John's the calm one who thinks before he reacts. Jim's the loud one that explodes often. John's likable to almost everyone but Steeler and Patriot fans.  He could have been a lawyer or a teacher.

Jim's the loud one. The combustive one. The one you only like if he's a part of your program.

Both probably have the same coaching skills - raised by a coach, same food, same shelter.

John's the guy you hire and he's around for a long time. Jim's the guy you hire to win and he's got a shelf life of about 5 years, at which time your organization probably gets sick of him and during the first downturn, there's a mutual parting of ways.

Jim's the guy you hire to come in and turnaround an organization through force. John's the guy you hire and hope he stays forever.

I'd hire Jim Harbaugh in a heartbeat, but I'd know it would end with some flames after we won a bunch.

I'm glad John Harbaugh won on Sunday.  

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