Survey Identifies Company Transparency & Employee Development as Most Sought-After Workplace Practices

(From Marketwire) -- A survey by Fierce, Inc., a world-class communication training and leadership development company, provides new insight into employees’ perception of workplace practices and the disconnect between the priorities of managers versus employees in terms of workplace communication.

Many employees feel their organization’s workplace practices are ineffective -- an assertion supported by the 44% of survey respondents who claim that their company’s best practices actually hinder employee productivity and morale. In fact, another 47% reported that their organization’s current practices consistently get in the way of desired results, rather than optimize the overall success of the business -- a primary function that a company’s best practices are meant to fulfill.

When asked which practices hold their organization back, nearly 50% of respondents identified a lack of company-wide transparency and too little involvement in company decisions as key areas of concern. In addition, nearly half of survey respondents identified the most beneficial practices as those that encouraged accountability, development, and individual empowerment within the organization.

Nearly 800 corporate executives, employees, and educators across the finance, healthcare, retail, aerospace, and defense sectors were surveyed.

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