Survey Shows 1 in 3 Employees Would Work Extra Week Each Year for Company Incentive Program

(From Business Wire) -- If your business is suffering from low workforce motivation, consider adding an incentive program. According to survey results from Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples, Inc., incentive programs -- which reward employees for meeting performance-based milestones -- can help bolster performance and morale. Results show that one-third of office workers would even be willing to put in an extra workweek each year if it meant their company would implement one.

Meanwhile, for employees that already participate in company-driven incentive programs, the benefits are clear. These participants say the programs have made them:

-- Feel more valued (85 percent)

-- Happier and more motivated at work (70 percent)

-- More loyal to their company (65 percent)

-- More productive and able to get better results (about 60 percent)

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