TeamWox collaboration software


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If you run or help manage a small business, check out TeamWox. It’s a cloud-based system designed to automate business processes within a company. It offers a lot of the same functionality that you find in traditional CRM software, but with a ton more features: customer relationships and interaction tracking, human resource management, documents and task management, CRM functions, accounting and e-banking, and email and IP PBX phone systems, and it even allows you to run a help desk and online assistant for clients.

There are also a bunch of collaboration tools, like mind map graphing, message boards, project evaluation, and more.

TeamWox is made up of individual modules that work together in varying ways. Each module addresses a different workplace need: one for email, one for documents, one for instant messaging, one for accounting, one for meetings, one to assign tasks, and so on. But by putting them all in one place and integrating it all, the software builds in a lot of efficiency that you don’t get with separate systems. There’s also a pretty robust search function to cover all of this territory.

Because the whole thing is centralized, your entire staff can see where a particular task stands or who it’s been assigned to, watch a how-to video an employee created, check in on the most recent progress with an account, or do myriad other functions.

The system is free for small businesses with ten employees or less. Larger companies pay an annual fee for additional employee accounts. Try TeamWox for free, and launch in 1 minute.

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